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Bird Food Bowl

This is a top-grade buy for your bird feeder! This bird food Bowl with stars Bowl toy comes with a bird cage, a feeder, and supplies food container, this toy is top-quality for your bird's up-and-coming bird feeder.

Bird Food Bowls

This bird food Bowl is a beneficial surrogate to provide some food and water for your parrot or bird, it is fabricated of sturdy plastic and imparts a water bottle top for safety. The food Bowl is furthermore filled with seeds, fruits, and insects, the Bowl is facile to clean and is terrific for parrots and other birds that need to eat regularly. This bird food dish is a peerless alternative to keep your parrots healthy and clean! The dish provides a transparent plastic cover that makes it straightforward to see what is inside, the food and water are both included, and there is a water dish included as well. The dish also includes a silo and water reservoir, the dish can be stored in the silo or reservoir, and can be cleaned by hand or using water. This 3 pcs bird food water feeder hanging Bowl cup with holder for cage is a large 5 oz, size stainless steel bird food Bowl that is fabricated with high quality materials. It peerless for holding bird feed, the long handle makes it straightforward to hold the Bowl and the zeus-style lock and key system ensures accuracy. This Bowl is further microwave and dishwasher resistant.